Life Coach

Dr Peter L Nelson

Attention Coaching

Bringing new awareness to problem solving.
Coaching is usually designed to help improve a client's performance in work and personal life. There are many good techniques for doing this and many coaches capable of working in this way.

However, underlying all that we do is our awareness of what is going on within ourselves and in world around us. This awareness is dependent on both the direction and quality of our attention. In other words, if you can't see what's going on—in your environment or in yourself—you won't be able to understand why your actions often fail to achieve your goals.

Attention coaching is designed to make clients aware of how they're using their attention as well as how to deploy attention resources directly and consciously.

Thus, the difference between regular coaching and attention coaching is the difference between being given instructions and encouragement on how to move around in a dark room and being able to turn on the light, see what's there and decide how to engage it.

Email me and we can discuss your options for learning how to turn on the light switch!